Friday, August 12, 2011

Mehndi designs Simple

Many of Simple designs have Great look inside their simplicity.human being always love natural well as simple things have more attraction.some of Different Products have different qualities. if we think to buy a car for us we always love to buy big Car A stylish look and amazing features is our recommendation.

when we want to buy a dress for home use we wanted to buy simple and attrative colour.
3rd example is our ideal product is henna what should we do with it should we use large and heavy designs or we should use simple designs.if we use simple designs what people said after watching your Designs that will be some kind of

” oh simple design its ok look at my hand i make a beautiful design on hand.”

The comments on simple designs of your friend will be same as above mention but when we use Dark and heavy designs what will be reply of your friends.

” Hey why you use too much heavy designs its look like that you come on your wedding.girls should be use simple designs before married ”

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