Monday, May 23, 2011

Glitter Bridal Makeup

Begin your composition with a dark eye shadow painted on the outer edge, while the inner edge will have a lighter tone. The cilium is emphasized by a dark shadow line on the edge. The eyebrows of the eyes are brushed and secured with a gel. You can then apply mascara that adds volume to lashes. Sequins, glitter, glitter eye shadow make Asian eyes mesmerizing.

Creaseless eyes can be done with a little Asian eye makeup tips. Choose an eye shadow like gray or brown or some other darker shades as compare to your complexion can be used to create a false twist. The darker shades of eye shadow and used line along the lashes and then the rest of the eye are highlighted with a better complexion.

Dark shadow is still in force before the nuances of light and the look is completed by defining the eyes with eyeliner. The lashes regular creaseless right eye can be looped with a stick or curling mascara, it is mascara cum Curler and it is a second option is to use pre-curled lashes. You can apply lashes with glue along the lash line, starting from the outer edge to the inner edge.

The smokey glitter make up usually use bronze, brown and golden eye shadows. These eye shadows are usually used in Asian countries. These can not only aggravate the skin color, but look at the key moment to add functionality. This range of color is flattering to the eyes and hairs. Asian eye makeup generally uses darker shades of colors and light colors, which highlights each and every part of the eye. This type of makeup makes bridal more pretty than an ordinary makeup.

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